Letters to Max 

...a place for me to leave my son letters, pictures, and videos in a way that will outlive myself and memories.

                            Dear Max

There were a million questions about a million things I wanted to ask my dad and never got the chance to. The few people alive who knew him couldn't or wouldn't share what little memories they had beyond a few key things that offered nothing but their own biases - my Mother's hate for him and his Mother's wishes to forget.

Important questions, trivial questions, random opinions.

All of it.

I can guess but unlike normal ( I am a pretty good guesser =) ) I don't feel very accurate or even close to it at all.

I don't want to you to end up in a situation where you know what this feels like. Unfortunately at this point in my life I'm getting awfully close to the age neither my Father, his brother, or their Father could successfully age past and realize that a lot of the conversations I might want or need to have with you, I can't have with you now (you are 7 right now). This seems like the place to have them as I do my best to fight those genetic odds in hopes of having them with you in person.

You'll find letters to you, random thoughts I think there's even a chance you might be curious about later, videos, memories, and a lot of my favorite moments with you and your awesome Mom (my awesome Wife!).

I love you.

Hearts forever.


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